Friday, August 13, 2010

where's omar?

This is a totally inspiring public art project. Omar Khadr from Toronto, has been held in American custody in Guantanamo Bay since he was 15 for alleged war crimes. Only now, at age 23, is he facing trial, and authorities have decided to admit confessions that he made as a 15-year-old, allegedly under threats of torture and rape.
These cut-outs use the haunting photos of him as a 15-year old taken into custody. Where's Omar? Why isn't there more press about him? When will he be treated fairly? Where did his life go? When will he be free?


  1. I apriciate the efforts of all who are trying to keep Omar's issue alive in the minds and hearts of the free people of this worls, and I'm sure it brings him great joy to know that he is remembered and cared for by other then just his family. Thank you.

  2. Wow thank you for your comment! I was just an audience to this excellent initiative. It's such shocking injustice, I'm glad to use my cellphone camera to contribute in just a small way.