Saturday, January 9, 2010

gender dysphoria

But then I get on the subway and I wonder why I do this - my ties, my loafers, my butch everything. Maybe it looks like I'm doing this for attention. People look displeased with what appears to be weird attention-seeking. It feels this way all the way to the office, in the office, and on the way home again. It's ridiculous masochism.

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  1. No, what your doing, it's called being true to yourself. That is why people are uncomfortable, they have more or less sold out and you haven't. They must feel guilty or pissed at themselves. If you gave even one of them the inspiration,the courage to do that too,You have really made a giant step in healing the world. We do it every day. I know the few butches I have seen gave me that courage. You are doing it for someone now. You will probably never know all he good you do just by being yourself.Finding your own peace is the first step.