Sunday, January 10, 2010

gender dysphoria

But I keep coming back to these beloved combinations. It's interesting to me how instinctive it is. Nobody told me to dress this way, if anything it's discouraged. It makes me think that it must be an authentically natural urge, in generations before and after me. Nobody taught us to be this way; it's not new, it's not urban, it's not modern, it's not white, it's not Western. It's as natural as the birds and bees, and thanks to Lyon de Clarasvals for reminding me, this whole shirt and tie show is probably healing.

p.s. today someone made a request to have more Qlay strips! That's nice, I thought they bored people. Anybody second that request?


  1. i agree! more Qlay strips. everything you post is so lovely to follow!

  2. bazow! thanks guys! that's enough encouragement.